How do I register?

You do not have to register to enter the Swim but we would recommend you download a sponsor form from the website ( and raise money for your chosen charity or worthwhile cause.  Remember you are not going for a walk in the park but into the sea on New Year's Day!

Can I register on the day?

You can turn up on the day and join in the party. What we would request is that you make a voluntary donation into one of the many collection buckets that will be at the event.  This money will get donated to charity.

Is there a fancy dress theme?

Not this year.  In the swim’s 32 year history, there have only been three themed swims.  This year we will again leave your fancy dress to your own imagination!   There will be prizes for Best Individual & Team effort.

How far do I have to swim?

Although it is called a 'Swim', it is in fact a 'dash & splash'.  The rule is that your head must go under! If, however, you are 80+ we’d expect you to go no further than your knees.

How old do I have to be to enter?

There is no age limit but we recommend that children (primary school age and below) should be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Can I raise money for my chosen charity?

Yes, of course you can. If you can persuade people to sponsor you, then that money will go to your nominated charity. Please download a sponsor form from the website  ( Complete the top of the form giving your details as well as the name of your charity.

How much do I have to raise?

There isn't a limit. You will, however, be running into the icy cold sea and this should hopefully prompt generosity from your sponsors!

Will I get a medal?

Yes, every swimmer will be awarded a fantastic NYDS medal.

What do I do with the money I raise?

All sponsor money must be handed in to Elements of Pembrokeshire; The Strand; Saundersfoot, SA69 9ET by the end of January. Please include your sponsor form, clearly identifying the chosen charity or worthwhile cause.  If living away, please send a cheque with the sponsorship form to the above address. When all the money has been collected the committee members of Saundersfoot New Year’s Day Swim will allocate the bucket collection to all the various charities. Sponsored swimmers are therefore guaranteed that what they collect will be topped up.  Your nominated charity will only receive a top-up if you send the money you have collected to Elements of Pembrokeshire. The cost of putting on the swim is met through commercial sponsorship from local businesses.

Can I raise money through Justgiving?

Yes you can. We would appreciate, however, if you could email us the details of how much you raise as we will add it to the overall total.

How can I prepare for the cold water?

Please view our website and click on the 'Safety Advice' icon.  Biggest advice, wear footwear!

Where can I buy the NYDS rugby shirt?

The 2017 NYDS shirt is available from Elements of Pembrokeshire; The Strand; Saundersfoot; SA69 9ET. (Tel: 01834 812778)

Where can I buy the NYDS hoodies?

The 2017 NYDS Hoodie is being supplied by Tees R Us, New Hedges, Tenby, website: 01834 845216.  All enquiries to be made via them.

Will the swim be called off because of the weather?

In the swim's 32 year history, despite some very poor weather, as we had this year, we have never called the swim off. However, the safety of the swimmers is paramount and the final decision will be made in consultation with the RNLI and the emergency services, all of which will be on duty on the day.

How can I keep up to date with the build up to the swim?

On our website, Facebook (Charlie Shivers), Twitter (@CharlieShivers) or Instragram (Charlie.shivers)

Who is Charlie Shivers?

Charlie is the swim's very own mascot! He was so named by Saundersfoot Primary School, following a competition. ‘Shivers’ is self explanatory but we would like to think that the name ‘Charlie’ remembers a local hero, Charlie Cox, who led many a Swim when he was well into his 80’s.


frequently asked questions

frequently asked questions